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TitleDate PostedLocationJob Category
Any Open Position 2017 01/03/2017Los BanosKIUS Admin/Accounting
Batch Operator 01/31/2017OsceolaKFI Production
Batch Operator Assistant 08/09/2016OsceolaKFI Administration
Maintenance Technician II (3) 01/13/2017Los BanosKIUS Maintenance
Packaging Operator 2017 01/03/2017Los BanosKIUS Admin/Accounting
Production Clerk 10/06/2016Los BanosKIUS Operations
Production Lead 09/28/2016OsceolaKFI Production
Purchasing Manager 12/09/2016OsceolaKFI Administration
Quality Control Laboratory Technician II 01/17/2017Los BanosKIUS Quality Systems

333 Johnson Road
Los Banos, CA 93635

Phone: 209-826-8850


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